Burt Lake Band

Of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians

A Treaty Tribe since 1836



The Burt Lake Band, historically known as the Cheboiganing Band, has a rich history in the beautiful lands around Burt Lake and the surrounding areas of Northern Michigan.

The Band is federally recognized by the United States through Treaty. Specifically, the Burt Lake Band was separately represented and separately signed the Treaties of 1836 and 1855:

The 1836 Treaty of Washington provided that the Cheboigan Band would receive a reservation of 1,000 acres on the Cheboigan, within its aboriginal territory, for a period of five years after ratification of that treaty but the United States failed to provide that reservation;

The 1855 Treaty of Detroit provided that Ottawa and Chippewa Indians could select indivdual allotments of land within designated reserves, and two townships were set aside for selection by the "Cheboygan Band" in Cheboygan Country. Those members who selected allotments within that area were not awarded those individual land holdings until three years after a special Act of Congress was passed in 1872;

Burt Lake Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians continues to exist as a distinct Tribal entity and has never been terminated by the United States Congress

Fundamental justice requires reaffirmation of the status of that Burt Lake Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians as a federally recognized Indian Tribe.

Tribal Council


Council members
Bruce Hamlin
Vice Chairman
Augustine Kiogima
Ken Parkey
Reena King
Roy Parkey
Becky Shenoskey-Conley
Sarah Holmes
Don Parkey
Cindy Williams


Tribal Council Meeting Dates - 2018
Tribal Office
Tribal Office
Tribal Office

(Bath Senior Center)

Location: Tribal Office
Location: Grand Rapids
Location: Tribal Office
Location: Parkey's Field

September 8th
Parkey's field 10:00am

October 13th
Parkey's field. 10:00 am
November 10th
Tribal Office
December 8th
Tribal Office


Traditional Arts

The Burt Lake Band of Ottawa & Chippewa is proud to offer many beautiful traditional arts pieces for sale. Below you will find different pieces of art, ranging from custom black ash baskets, decorative porcupine quill boxes, and colorful beadwork.

The "Anishinaabe Bimaadizwin Naagademing (Taking Care of Our Way of Life)" project was designed to reintegrate several of the traditional arts that were originally part of the Burt Lake Band's traditional knowledge. Our ancestors used natural fibers to create beautiful pieces of utilitarian artwork. Today our baskets are intricately designed for more ornate uses. However, our baskets are still made to be used!

Some items are made by one individual, while others have been created through our co-op. For example with our baskets, one person may make the bottom, another person the sides and yet another the rim and/or embellishments. In this way, our artwork is created in a community-centered environment.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our artwork or if you have any questions, please email us at Artwork@BurtLakeBand.org.